Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
IT | By Emmett Cole

Fortnite Partners NFL to Bring American Football Outfits to 32 Teams

Fortnite Partners NFL to Bring American Football Outfits to 32 Teams

Therefore, we believe that Epic Games is planning to introduce the new weapon alongside the upcoming weekly update. Fornite's in-game news feed has started teasing a new weapon called Heavy Assault Rifle. 48 damage to the body, this new weapon will be available nearly everywhere during a match and comes in Rare, Epic, and Legendary variants. Available in rare, epic, and legendary, the weapon is created to be high damage, but low accuracy, used in short bursts of fire. In other words, Limited Time Events are also taking places in this patch, Team Terror and Blitz.

Fortnite's new LTM centres around the recent arrival of Cube Monsters (Zombie-like creatures that spawned with Fortnitemares).

In addition to the new Team Terror game type, the Blitz limited time mode has also made its return. Other changes include a drop in rarity for Balloons and the storm damage now hitting a maximum of eight instead of ten.

Those outfits can be changed to a different team or number as often as you like, so it sounds like you only need to buy one outfit even if you're a fan of multiple teams. "Profile Stats count in this mode, so fight hard for the Victory Royale".

Now Halloween is over and the Fortnitemares event came to an epic conclusion, Cube Monsters can no longer be found in the main Fortnite Battle Royale modes. Destroying cube monsters can net players valuable resources, but those same cube monsters also pose a threat to player safety and can disrupt your plans when taking on the enemy.

With the US football season already at the halfway point, Epic Games announced a partnership with the NFL to bring team outfits to Fortnite.

Complete the epic storyline of Hexsylvania.

Detailed in a blog post on the Epic Games website, the skins will become available November 9th, 7PM ET.

Nightstalker - During Evening and Night, gain 25% bonus movement speed. Available as a quest reward for Fortnitemares Part 2, Sanguine can use Phase Shift to steal health from enemies.

Super Siphon - Increases the healing of Phase Siphon to 32 base health.

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