Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
IT | By Emmett Cole

Google Suggests Dark UI Mode Could Finally Be Coming to Android

Google Suggests Dark UI Mode Could Finally Be Coming to Android

Yes, the well-known dark mode feature will now save battery in a very important way and that can guarantee more time of use to the users. Another reason is that Android models with AMOLED panels save a lot of battery life when Dark Mode is enabled.

This revelation was made by the tech giant Google itself in its event Android Dev Summit, which is taking place this week.

Dark mode saves lives.

At its annual I/O developer conference, Google showed a graph illustrating the relationship between screen brightness and power draw. The Material Design uses the white base and this design simply increases the energy consumptions, hence, it ends up rapidly draining the device battery.

Google's data showed an nearly linear relationship between display brightness and power consumption. It shows that at 50-percent brightness, it's only a 14-percent difference, between dark and normal mode. Unsurprisingly, black is the lowest, while white, which is featured prominently across Google's apps and the Android OS, has the highest draw.

Google did admit that they've been pushing Material Design with an emphasis on white backgrounds on Android.

According to Google's new quarterly Android Ecosystem Security Transparency Report, less than 1 percent of Android devices using the Google Play Store are afflicted by harmful apps. Twitter with a dark theme is less blinding than a day theme that's mostly white, especially when you're looking at it in the dark or in places that aren't bright (like bars, restaurants, etc.).

Google also rolled out Instant discovery that allows to easily adopt the new kind of apps.

Go to YouTube General Activate Dark theme.

This is because OLED screens aren't backlit like LCDs, with a uniform level of brightness lighting up all the pixels.

However, the app's dark mode was shown to only be using 96mA. The company plans to introduce the dark mode to its Phone app after getting it to YouTube and Android Messages. Well, despite the announcement, there's no exact time given by Google as to when we will see the API working on Android devices.

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