Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Money | By Bruce West

GOP aims to keep Senate control, aided by Trump-friendly map

GOP aims to keep Senate control, aided by Trump-friendly map

Democrats now need to win only nine more Republican House seats to reach the net gain of 23 seats they need to secure a majority.

With a House majority, Democrats will have the power to investigate Trump's tax returns, possible business conflicts of interest and allegations involving his 2016 campaign's links to Russian Federation.

He said that many people are making the midterms all about President Trump, but in these elections - like many midterms - "politics is local". Moscow denies meddling and Trump denies any collusion.

"Thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in America", Pelosi said at a victory event in Washington, adding that the election was about restoring "checks and balances" to government.

However, Democrats will view House victories in states like Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Minnesota as cause for optimism as they prepare to hold the president to account in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

Democrats captured the House on Tuesday as Americans stampeded to the polls for a historic midterm that was as much a referendum on President Trump's policies and behavior as it was about control of Congress.

Democratic Rep. Scott Kawasaki is challenging the Senate president, Pete Kelly, in Fairbanks, and the race is tight - either candidate could win. An open seat that included Atlantic City was also ripe for Democratic pickup by state lawmaker Jeff Van Drew after the GOP campaign committee abandoned Republican Seth Grossman over racially charged comments.

In Cleveland, Trump bashed DeWine's Democratic opponent, Richard Cordray, whom he declared "a bad person" who "has hurt a lot of people". More women than ever were running, along with veterans and minorities, many of them motivated by President Trump's rise.

"Dealing a major setback to President Trump's legislative agenda". "That means that in order to take control of the House, Democrats will probably have to win the national vote by at least 5-6pp".

While political pundits may ultimately analyze Tuesday's results as a test of Trump, many Americans will undoubtedly base their vote on factors other than their feelings about the president: economic indicators, health care, tax reform, immigration or just their overall comfort level with the direction the country is headed.

Tuesday's result was a bitter outcome for Trump, a 72-year-old former reality TV star who campaigned for fellow Republicans on increasingly hostile anti-immigrant rhetoric and was accused of inciting violence in recent weeks.

The first polling stations closed at 6:00 pm Eastern time (2300 GMT) in parts of Kentucky and in - where Democrats are struggling to hold a crucial Senate seat in a state won by Trump two years ago.

In the Senate, Republican Mike Braun snatched the seat from Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly, but corruption scandal-tainted Senator Bob Menendez saved his seat for the Democrats in New Jersey.

Some of the biggest Democratic stars of the campaign lost.

Nevertheless, a series of firsts across the country signaled voters accepted unconventional candidates in an unconventional time in American history, electing two Native Americans, two Muslim women, two Latina women in Texas and the nation's first openly gay governor.

But 75 or more of the 435 House races remain competitive, forecasters said, and control of the Senate is likely to come down to a half-dozen close contests in Arizona, Nevada, Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana and Florida. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Sen.

Every seat in the House, 35 seats in the 100-member Senate and 36 of the 50 state governorships were up for grabs. The Republican incumbent had been branded Barbara "Trumpstock" by Democrats in a race that pointed to Trump's unpopularity among college-educated women in the suburbs.

"I think everyone was bracing for any possible, insane scenario to show itself tonight but it basically looks like the baseline consensus forecast was correct", said Michael Purves, Head Of Equity Derivatives Strategy At Weeden & Co, New York.

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