Published: Fri, November 30, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Melania Trump talks opioid crisis, social media at town hall

Melania Trump talks opioid crisis, social media at town hall

A video released by Trump through Twitter on November 26 shows the First Lady walking through the newly decorated White House.

She also spoke about making time with the President.

Melania Trump at the National Christmas Tree lighting, pictured with husband Donald. Seeing as the decorations always have a theme, it is possible that last year's was: "No ballerinas were harmed in the making of this video". The excitement started on November...

The First Lady raised similar critiques with her 2017 decorations.

Melania Trump defended the controversial White House decorations at a panel discussion at Liberty University in Virginia. "Thank you to the many volunteers and staff who worked hard to decorate the halls of the People's House in Christmas cheer".

Courtesy of Spike Webb
Courtesy of Spike Webb

"So here we are in the Cross Hall and Grand Foyer", the first lady said at the White House's primary first-floor entrance.

At the Lynchburg event, Trump made remarks about what she has seen in her time as first lady thus far, learning about the ongoing drug epidemic in America, and how she hopes to help prevent young people from becoming addicted to opioids.

Another subject was social media etiquette, a cornerstone of her "Be Best" campaign (along with opioid use and well-being), with Melania remarking that it's important to be "respectful and kind". Critics have been quick to point out the irony of her project, considering the president's own social media habits.

Trump's appearance at Liberty University was to share her "Be Best" initiative while encouraging the students to make a difference in the world in fighting against the opioid crisis by raising awareness and removing the stigma.

Her words were greeted with laughter, cheers and applause from the audience.

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