Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Mueller refers sex assault scheme targeting him to FBI for investigation

Mueller refers sex assault scheme targeting him to FBI for investigation

The Atlantic reported Tuesday that Mueller's office sent the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports of an alleged scheme to pay women to fabricate sexual assault allegations against the special counsel. The special counsel's office says it was alerted to the matter by journalists following up on e-mails from the woman.

UPDATE: We also spoke with Jack Burkman on Tuesday evening.

A USA official familiar with the matter confirmed to the New York Daily News that the special counsel's office was alerted to the purported scheme by reporters who had inquired about receiving emails from a Florida woman who alleged that right-wing conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman had offered her more than $20,000 to accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct. The emails stated that Parsons was offered $20,000 plus payment of her credit card debt to accuse Mueller of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment when she was a paralegal at his law firm in 1974. "The law firm she named, Pillsbury, says no Lorraine worked in its S.F. office with Mueller in the 1970's", Mayer wrote on Twitter.

As the plan to target Mueller came to light Tuesday, it quickly unraveled as news organizations unearthed gaps and inconsistencies in the allegations. If a woman publicly comes forward in this climate with allegations against Mueller the thinking is that initial reception would be empathetic: There would be belief and support-and an immediate call for Mueller to recuse himself from his investigation into President Donald Trump. Mueller's investigation has so far brought charges against a number of Russian operatives and a handful of Trump's former associates.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

But Mr. Burkman did not reveal the woman, saying only that she is "fearful for her life" and now wishes to remain anonymous, according to media reports. (His LinkedIn profile photo is that of actor Christoph Waltz.) The Times also reported that Surefire Intelligence appears to be linked to Jacob Wohl, "a young conservative well known in certain political corners of Twitter who has contributed to The Gateway Pundit, a right-wing news site".

This person said they would "compensate" her for her information on her "past encounters with Robert Mueller" - despite the fact she's never met him.

The Mueller inquiry has yet to produce its final report.

She also told the Times that the man told her he was working for Jack Burkman.

Over the last two years, Burkman has peddled a separate, evolving conspiracy theory that has blamed several different wild plots for the death of Democratic staffer Seth Rich, who was shot on a Washington street in 2016 during an apparent botched robbery.

Surefire's domain records list Wohl's email address and a phone number provided by a recording when calling the number listed on Surefire's website belongs to Wohl's mother.

"In addition to any civil liability that they might have for a defamation claim, I think that you could make an argument that this is an effort to obstruct justice", said Barbara McQuade, former U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of MI.

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