Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

President Trump Turned the Midterms Into a Referendum on Himself

President Trump Turned the Midterms Into a Referendum on Himself

On Tuesday, that pitch was tested, and the results were a split decision: Trump helped lead his party to gains in the Senate but a significant loss of seats in the House.

Trump ramped up efforts to campaign on behalf of vulnerable GOP candidates in the run up to the midterms.

"Tremendous success tonight", Trump tweeted. Contributor Stephanie Ruhle said Trump's tax loopholes are immoral and below the office of the presidency, but said Trump likes to suggest it's "clever" how he games the system.

NBC host Savannah Guthrie asked Sanders if she had spent time with the president and if he had reacted to the news that Republicans lost control of the House.

Another shake-up would likely further consolidate power under Mr Trump, removing moderating forces who at times have urged caution over policy, much to the president's frustration. They needed to claim just two seats to win, but they also had to hold on to at least six states where they faced tough challenges from Republicans.

But it's clear that Congress will be a very different place come January.

In her victory speech in Washington DC, Pelosi said the party would use its newly won majority to pursue a bipartisan agenda for a country.

Problems with voting machines prevented Americans from casting ballots in a dozen states, U.S. rights advocates said, following complaints about registration problems, faulty equipment and intimidation they have received throughout early balloting.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi - who is set to become speaker, a position she held from 2007 to 2011 - told cheering supporters in Washington: "Thanks to you, tomorrow will be a new day in America".

If Democrats can capture a majority in the House, they could block Trump's policy agenda and launch congressional investigations into the Trump administration.

The magnitude of the Democrats' gains in recapturing a majority in the House of Representatives is "not a miraculous achievement", he added.

"Even though they won back the House, they're going to have to decide whether they ought to advance as a more Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders type of party with more liberal positions, or as a more center-left party", Gergen said.

The elections also resulted in Rashida Tlaib becoming the first Muslim woman elected to the House of Representatives along with Somali-American Ilhan Omar. But the majority said he was a factor - with about one-third of them saying their vote was to support Trump and another one-third saying they voted to express opposition to the president.

With the final days of the 2018 campaign interrupted by a spate of politically motivated attempted bombings and a massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, about 2 in 10 Democratic and Republican voters think their own party's way of talking about politics is leading to an increase in violence.

Midterm elections are typically hard for the party in power, and GOP incumbents were on defense in races across the country.

Two issues more than any others were on voters' minds: 25 percent described health care and immigration as the most important issues in the election. Republicans flipped several Senate seats on Tuesday, with wins by Josh Hawley over Sen. A record number of women were running for Senate, House, governorships and state legislative seats.

Republican candidates in some of the country's most competitive races gambled by tying themselves to Trump in a bid to turn out voters. Voters will also elect 36 governors and hundreds of state and local government representatives.

Critics, including the Democrats, accused Trump of employing racist and xenophobic rhetoric that incited violence, a charge he and many of his fellow Republicans rejected. The US midterm elections are widely seen as a referendum on the president.

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