Published: Thu, November 29, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Russian Federation to deploy new missiles to Crimea as Ukraine tensions rise

Russian Federation to deploy new missiles to Crimea as Ukraine tensions rise

Over the last year, the two countries have levied a series of tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of imports from one another, with the latest round of US duties set to go into force in the new year.

The Russian military is boosting the defense of the occupied Crimean peninsula with more anti-aircraft missiles in the wake of the weekend standoff with Ukrainian vessels in the Black Sea.

"I have asked the Secretary General of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to increase the presence of the member-countries in the Black Sea, which includes air and naval presence".

"It's a legal instrument that has consequences for those who are affected by the sanctions so that means you need to consider and discuss it carefully", said the spokesman.

"Such militarisation has far-reaching consequences for security not only in the Black Sea area but in the whole southern Europe, as well as North Africa and Middle East".

Trump said on November 27 that he might cancel the meeting after the Russian navy's seizure of three Ukrainian vessels off the coast of Crimea and detention of Ukrainian crew members.

The seizure of the ships and the arrest of 24 crew members caused global outcry and condemnation of Moscow's moves, including from US President Donald Trump who suggested that he might cancel his planned meeting with Russia's President Vladimir Putin over the aggression.

Putin's foreign affairs adviser, Yuri Ushakov, noted that the meeting, which is set for Saturday, has been prepared through official channels and Moscow expects Washington to notify it of any changes in the same way.

Nine more Ukrainian sailors captured during Sunday's confrontation with Russia in a strait next to Crimea have been sent to jail for two months by a Russian court. We are a peaceful nation.

In Ukraine, Poroshenko on Wednesday toured a military training center in the Chernihiv region, which borders Russian Federation and is one of the areas where martial law was imposed.

A court in Crimea on Tuesday ordered 12 of the 24 Ukrainian seamen held in custody.

Putin insisted that the Russian border guards were acting in line with the usual protocol when they chose to fire on the Ukrainian ships.

Putin's claim that the Ukrainian vessels had illegally crossed into Russian waters was echoed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"Of course, my defendant did not plead guilty".

Azamatov also said that all of the detainees should be recognised as prisoners of war as they are all military personnel. "If they had done something differently, they should have been put on trial for that".

Ukraine is seeking to secure their release through global mediators.

"And the second reason is to deprive us of global assistance".

"Russia remains wrongly convinced that the reaction of the West isn't unified ... because in energy matters there is one stance and in defense matters there is another", he told Reuters, in reference to some European Union states such as Germany backing the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, increasing their reliance on Russian energy.

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