Published: Fri, November 16, 2018
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Senate leaders preserve posts; McCarthy will get high Home GOP place

Senate leaders preserve posts; McCarthy will get high Home GOP place

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California is trying to win the speaker's post and stifle a rebellion among liberals and younger lawmakers fed up with the calcified leadership.

At Wednesday's news conference, McCarthy said he does not believe that the President is to blame for House Republicans losing their majority, but he conceded that the party has work to do to improve its standing with voters, particularly in suburban areas.

California Republicans, who had a really bad midterm election, did get one good piece of news today, as Kevin McCarthy was elected House Minority Leader in a surprisingly easy 159-43 victory over conservative leader Jim Jordan of OH, a founding member of the ever-fractious House Freedom Caucus.

Looming in the background of all of these contests, however, is the remaining leadership contest, which isn't expected to take place until after Thanksgiving: The race for the Speaker's gavel in the House of Representatives, which Democrats will control for the first time in almost a decade.

Senate Democrats are keeping their team headed by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY even though one of the two new Democratic senators-elect, Kyrsten Sinema (SIN'-uh-muh) of Arizona, has said she wouldn't vote for him. "That unity has been our strength, and it will continue to be as strong as ever in the 116th Congress", he said.

Next in line for the GOP leadership hierarchy in the new Congress is Rep. Steve Scalise, the current No. 3 House Republican, who successfully vied for the position of minority whip in the new Congress. Scalise, as majority whip, gained a higher national profile after he was injured previous year in a shooting during a Republican congressional baseball practice. Jordan is a leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Steny Hoyer and James Clyburn, are all in their 70s. I wish we had more progressive voters in Florida. Rice said she feels the same way about Hoyer and Clyburn.

"This is not an age thing, this is not a gender thing". "It is [that] this leadership team needs to turn the reins over to the next generation of Democrats". The California Democrat says, "Come on in". The latest update to the vote count gave Porter 51 percent and a 6,203-vote lead. Rice said they have the requisite signatures, but did not provide a date for releasing the letter.

Porter, a protégé of Senator Elizabeth Warren, ousted two-term GOP incumbent, Rep. Mimi Walters, after late results showed her ahead by almost 6,000 votes. John Cornyn of Texas, was pushed out by term limits.

Sen. Deb Fischer on Wednesday lost her bid for a Republican Senate leadership position after a GOP caucus contest with Sen.

Rep. Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is running unopposed for the position of Republican conference chair, the third-ranking position in the leadership hierarchy with Republicans in the minority. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley will replace Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch retires in January.

The No. 2 spot of House minority whip was claimed by Representative Steve Scalise. The GOP also took back five Senate seats that year.

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With these races done, lawmakers will now focus on the biggest agenda for the lame duck Congress: federal funding.

Funding for the Department of Homeland Security and a handful of other agencies runs out December 7, and a partial shutdown would go into effect unless Congress and Trump act before then.

Although they retain full control of Congress for now, Republicans still need support from Democrats to pass any bill in the Senate.

Despite all these factors, McConnell seemed adamant the deadline wouldn't result in a shutdown.

"That's what we're going to talk about".

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