Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
Culture&Arts | By Rick Owen

"World of Light" Adventure Mode Revealed for Smash

"Ultimate-Nintendo-Direct-Unleashes">according to Nintendo, and they include characters such as Dr. Ultimate crossover fighting game will add Street Fighter's Ken and the Mario franchise's Piranha Plant as playable characters.

With a pro-wrestling-themed moveset, the Fire/Dark-type Pokemon is primarily skilled with strong throwing moves. But the Master Hands transform into looping beams of light that carry away the characters, turning them into spirits. We expect this to be a story mode of some kind, following up on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct broadcast - the final one before the game launches - series director Masahiro Sakurai gave us a little taster of the game's single-player adventure mode. Brawl's stickers, taken to a new level. What did you make of what we were shown? Or, with Mega Man's Guts Man, who will power up the enemy to not flinch easily, and use more grabs and throws than usual. It also announced Smash World which the connects to via the Switch Online app.

You'll be able to specify certain rulesets for rooms online for matches. The presentation also touched upon more Assist Trophies.

Alternatively, you can buy the Fighters Pass for £22.49 now and get an exclusive Mii Fighter costume of Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

DLC has been confirmed for the game that will be out post launch. Each piece of DLC will come with a song, character, and stage for $5.99.

Nintendo also promised future expansions of more characters through downloadable fighter passes.

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