Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
IT | By Emmett Cole

You Can't Charge the New Apple Pencil with Qi

You Can't Charge the New Apple Pencil with Qi

First up was the company's release of long-awaited updates to the MacBook Air and Mac mini, along with a new iPad Pro that integrates Face ID and supports a redesigned Apple Pencil that significantly improves on the original.

The new iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 are officially on sale from today, meaning you can walk into a store and pick one up right now. Though the device is yet to reach all around the world, we got our hands on its stock wallpaper set. In this post, we have posted the download link. Apple's new iPad Pro, which was announced on Tuesday, has a processor that's almost as fast as high-end laptops, according to an early Geekbench score, which tests processor speeds.

The 11-inch iPad Pro comes in at $799, while the 12.9-inch one hits $999. Utilizing the powerful new A12X Bionic chip, it is able to run five trillion operations a second and even enables advanced machine learning. The company also launched the all-new Smart Keyboard Folio along with the iPad Pro, which comes with a better keyboard and provides protection to the device.

The Apple Pencil has received favorable early reviews from those who've had a chance to tinker with it, especially for the ease with which the magnetic grip of the iPad allows the Pencil to effortlessly attach and stay attached and charge.

The 2018 iPad Pro with its A12X Bionic CPU handled zooming and panning 100-megapixel images (RAW files are 216MB each, or about 7x the size of a RAW file from a Canon 5D MK IV according to Mann) taken by a Hasselblad H6D-100c easily (check out his video).

There will certainly be other USB-C hubs designed for the 2018 iPad Pro. If you like the wallpapers, download and enjoy.

One glimmer of hope, however, is that the restriction on external storage devices still appears to be entirely a software limitation in iOS 12.1, rather than a function of the iPad Pro USB-C hardware.

But according to Apple Insider, the iPad Pro 2018 may be worth its price considering what it can do. Remember folks, if you're going to do this, you might want to make sure your floor is nice and soft in case those magnets don't live up to all the hype.

The new iPad Pro requires an upgraded Smart Keyboard Folio for typing. Patel even tried plugging a VGA display into the iPad using a Dell USB-C hub, and it worked without any problems - external displays work in exactly the same way as they did with the Lighthing-to-HDMI adapter, meaning most apps will just mirror the iPad display to the external monitor. I don't think I'm just stuck in some old way of thinking or that I need to spend more time inventing a new workflow out of Siri Shortcuts and glue.

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