Published: Thu, December 20, 2018
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London's Gatwick Airport remain shut due to drone sightings

London's Gatwick Airport remain shut due to drone sightings

The airport has advised anyone traveling on Wednesday or Thursday to check their flight status first, implying that the closure would last beyond Wednesday evening.

"Unfortunately, this has led to a number of flights being diverted to other airports while aircraft have also been unable to depart from Gatwick", the airport said in the statement.

Gatwick Airport in the UK's Sussex has halted its operations, including suspending numerous flights, after reports emerged of more than one drone flying in the airfield, global media outlets said.

He said there were two drones which had been seen flying "over the perimeter fence and into where the runway operates from".

"We 're sorry for the inconvenience today, but the safety of our passengers and staff is our no.1 priority", said Gatwick.

The airport said it was working with Sussex Police into early Thursday to investigate and wouldn't reopen until it had "suitable reassurance".

Two of the unmanned devices were reportedly spotted near a runway, leading to delays and diversions as flights were suspended.

While most nations prohibit drones from flying in pathways reserved for airliners, the millions of small consumer devices that have been purchased around the world can't be tracked on radar, making it hard for the authorities to enforce the rules.

Our focus is now working, with the airport community, to catch up the flight schedule.

Flights due to take off remained parked on the runway, while others scheduled to land at Gatwick were diverted to other airports, according to some passengers who took to Twitter to express their annoyance over the situation.

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