Published: Sat, December 22, 2018
IT | By Emmett Cole

Microsoft introduces Office web app for Windows 10

Microsoft introduces Office web app for Windows 10

Users with Windows Update should have already received a security patch, but Windows 10 users can manually check for updates here. Plus, users will be able to uninstall more apps, such as Calculator, Mail, Paint 3D and Voice Recorder.

The Office app will replace the My Office app, which now helps users manage their Office 365 subscriptions. Typically, after several months, Microsoft changes the label to simply "Semi-Annual Channel" (SAC) and announces that the feature upgrade has been sufficiently tested - again, mainly by consumers - to make it suitable for deployment in businesses and organizations.

In short, Microsoft released a new Office app for Windows 10. This feature will be available starting in the upcoming Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise Insider build 18305.

For anyone still using IE11 for any reason, users are generally advised to stop doing that, either by moving to Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Meanwhile, a troubleshooting feature Microsoft first introduced in October that recommends fixes for non-critical issues that may be causing apps to crash or other problems is now "fully functional", Sarkar and LeBlanc wrote. I asked Microsoft officials if this app will, at some point, also integrate with LinkedIn information and data and was told by a spokesperson that the company had no information to share on that front at this time.

Microsoft on Wednesday released a new Windows 10 preview build featuring a simpler Start layout, a quick way to access to symbols and kaomoji, and a lot more. "The new layout has been simplified into a sleek one column design with reduced top-level tiles".

Microsoft also launched Sandbox, a lightweight desktop mode for running apps in isolation. However the vulnerability wouldn't require a PC user installing compromised software. Once a sandbox instance is created, it acts as a clean installation of Windows that only takes up around 100MB of hard drive space. "Once Windows Sandbox is closed, all the software with all of its files and state are permanently deleted", Microsoft added. The patch should, however, automatically download and install if you have a Windows system.

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