Published: Sat, December 01, 2018
Sport | By Patty Hardy

Tim Paine responds to Michael Clarke’s criticism of Australia’s new approach

Tim Paine responds to Michael Clarke’s criticism of Australia’s new approach

The opening day of the four-day non-first class match against an understrength representative side was washed out by torrential rain but the storms abated on Thursday. Yesterday's hero's response was savage: Clarke accused Whateley (in a tweet where he misspelled the broadcaster's name) of being a "headline chasing coward" and suggested his opinion is irrelevant because he was never "talented enough or courageous enough" to play global cricket.

"In this ultra-modern age, counter-attractions have multiplied many times.They (young people) just haven't the time to devote to cricket or is it they just can't be bothered to dash home to tea, then to the local cricket ground?", he added.

Michael Clarke bats against Jimmy Anderson, who he would later threaten with a broken arm.

Here's how this has played out so far.

That prompted on Wednesday an almighty rebuke from respected sport journalist Whateley, who called Clarke a "great climate denier" and accused him of falling well short of comprehending the problem in Australian cricket.

"If you try and walk away from it, we might be the most-liked team in the world, [but] we're not going to win s**t", he said.

Test captain Tim Paine has also spoken of shaking opponents' hands before a series and respecting the umpires, in stark contrast to the Australians' previous conduct.

Bam! Right back atcha, Clarkey! We tried our best to get them out.

"When the cultural review identified the phenomenon of the gilded bubble where elite cricketers existed in a parallel universe blessed with wealth and privilege oblivious to outside perception and influence, it should've posted a photo of the former captain", Whateley said.

But Clarke missed the point as he chased a few headlines of his own. "It's just about having respect for your opposition, respect for the game, but as soon as we cross the line we're absolutely in it to win it".

The report also said CA was perceived as "arrogant" and "controlling" by stakeholders and had nurtured a culture of "winning without counting the costs".

ICHAEL Clarke didn't win too many of popularity polls in Australian cricket, not among certain team-mates when he was Test captain and not among most fans.

"No one has spoken about being liked, certainly by the opposition", he told ESPNcricinfo.

Test cricket returns to Australia but with two of their biggest stars missing the show. But what was made crystal clear by the dismal events in Cape Town last March is that there are standards of sportsmanship, ethics, discipline and maturity that simply have to be met with the full face of the bat, so to speak, and while being liked is desirable it's not really the issue.

R Ashwin's Test numbers in Australia are not pretty - 21 wickets at 54.71 - although he may be feeling a frisson of excitement at being able to target a batting order with plenty of left handers in Adelaide. I'm probably feeling that a bit now in Australian cricket, there's a lot of angst and for someone who is passionate about Australian cricket and now the coach I like harmony.

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