Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

U.S. senators blame Saudi prince for Khashoggi death after Central Intelligence Agency briefing

U.S. senators blame Saudi prince for Khashoggi death after Central Intelligence Agency briefing

And Sen. John Kennedy, a Louisiana Republican who was not part of the briefing, said that "by the director choosing to meet with some, but not others, congratulations to her, she has pissed off everybody".

Khashoggi was killed in October, at Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul. Dianne Feinstein, the resolution says the Senate "has a high level of confidence" that the crown prince "was complicit in the murder". Such a move probably would be attached to a resolution that would restrict US support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, which Corker said he suspects will pass the Senate.

"The judgment I've reached was not driven by financial considerations", Lester said in an interview on Thursday. Pompeo said there was "no direct reporting" connecting the crown prince to the murder, and Mattis said there was "no smoking gun" making the connection.

Thus, every time the White House tries to put the matter to rest, it only appears to inflame the issue, which is also fueling support for a push to end USA involvement in the war in Yemen.

"And a strong Senate vote of disapproval would make them realize that they can't take for granted that they will get whatever they want up here [on Capitol Hill]".

Illinois Sen. Richard Durbin said the briefing with Haspel "clearly went in to an evaluation of the intelligence" and was much more informative than the session with Mattis and Pompeo.

"Not everything needs to be secret", the Connecticut Democrat tweeted.

Trump has brushed aside the murder, affirming that the kingdom is a "great ally" to the U.S. He also argued that supporting the kingdom would be putting "America first".

Saudi Arabia has sought to distance Prince Mohammed from the murder and has received support from the administration of US President Donald Trump, which has downplayed possible links between the crown prince and what happened to Khashoggi. Rubio is a member of the Senate intelligence and foreign relations committees. Todd Young (R) said the administration was "clearly and directly blown off" by Riyadh.

"And we're going to continue to press for answers".

The vote is expected as early as Wednesday, but a spokesman for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cautioned that nothing will move forward until there is agreement on the structure of the debate and a narrow window of time in which to conduct that business.

Saudi Arabia has so far detained 21 people in connection and is seeking death penalties against five of them. The Saudi coalition faced criticism for indiscriminately bombing civilian targets and infrastructure, though the Trump administration argues the situation would be much worse without US assistance.

Dunford added that if the U.S. policy toward Saudi Arabia changes, then military-to-military relationship will change as well.

"My advice has been to support to continually Martin Griffiths", Dunford said, referring to the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen.

As Common Dreams reported, the Senate last week advanced Sen. Though it was passed almost 50 years ago, there is still a debate over whether the resolution is constitutional.

After that briefing, Graham threatened to withhold his vote on key legislation until he heard from Haspel.

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