Published: Mon, December 31, 2018
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Winter Storm Warning transitions into a blizzard warning

Winter Storm Warning transitions into a blizzard warning

The morning commute on Friday will be slick across southern New England, with light snow, sleet and freezing rain in the forecast.

In the Midwest, winter storm and blizzard warnings were in effect for parts of Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, the National Weather Service said.

Chenard said the storm system caused heavy rain and thunderstorms with the risk of flash floods in the southeastern United States, including parts of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Significant snowfall accumulations will impact many areas of the state, according the National Weather Service (NWS) in Albuquerque.

In North Dakota, a 37-year-old Louisiana man died in a crash in a "snow fog" on Highway 22 north of Killdeer.

Post-holiday travelers were finding driving hard as a winter storm dumped heavy snow and whipped up gusty winds across parts of the Dakotas and Minnesota on Thursday.

At least 3 deaths were attributed to severe weather in the USA as heavy snow and high winds snarled air and ground transportation during a busy holiday travel period.

The snow covering the Northern plains and upper Midwest will diminish throughout the Friday early hours but the blizzard cautions sustain through 7a.m. ET because of wind flurries of up to 55 mph.

In advance of the expected storms, several airlines are issuing waivers so travelers can avoid the bad weather - or, at the very least, extend their Christmas plans a few days.

The Highway Patrol says the vehicles crashed on a highway in Dunn County, in northwestern North Dakota, when visibility was reduced by blowing snow from a plow.

"Snow with high winds and low visibility will make travel in this area risky if not impossible at times", Garrett said.

Sherburne County sheriff's officials say a small bus collided with an SUV on a road east of Big Lake about 3 p.m. Thursday.

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