Published: Tue, January 22, 2019
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Giuliani says Trump might have talked to Cohen about testimony

Giuliani says Trump might have talked to Cohen about testimony

President Donald Trump's discussions to build a skyscraper in Moscow extended until after he won the presidency, his lawyer Rudolph Giuliani said on Sunday.

Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted out the statement Trump's attorney put out "clarifying" his comments to the newspaper.

Giuliani, a member of Trump's legal team, said Mueller's investigators agreed with Trump's team that significant portions of the BuzzFeed bombshell were not accurate.

But in an emailed statement on Monday Giuliani changed his story, saying: "My comments did not represent the actual timing or circumstances of any such discussions".

He concluded by saying the Moscow project "was in the earliest stage and did not advance beyond a free non-binding letter of intent".

Giuliani said as far as he knew, Trump had not had discussions with Cohen where Trump "told him or counseled him to lie".

With this statement by Giuliani (which, who knows, he might contradict by day's end), we now have four different versions that the president and his representatives have told about his pursuit of a Moscow deal during the campaign.

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, the lead Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee that has been investigating Trump campaign ties to Russian Federation, said on the NBC show the length of Trump's efforts to build a Moscow skyscraper, extending into the November 2016 national election, was "news to me, and that is big news".

Guests on the show, hosted by Joy Reid, were responding to Giuliani's recent TV appearances, in which he suggested the president may have been discussing building a proposed tower in Russian Federation until November 2016.

Giuliani said Trump "acknowledged that they had conversations about it throughout 2015, 2016".

He and other federal prosecutors have secured convictions or guilty pleas from several key figures in Trump's orbit, including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, campaign aide Rick Gates, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former foreign affairs adviser George Papadopoulos and Cohen. SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images Tara Dowdell, who appeared on The Apprentice with Trump before he became president, said on Joy with Joy Reid: "Every week Rudy Giuliani gets on TV and confesses another crime". "Each mistake has been a gift to the president, providing fodder for his case that any unflattering reporting about him amounts to 'fake news, ' and that the special counsel's investigation is nothing but a 'witch hunt'".

In the interview with NBC, Giuliani also suggested talks may have lasted throughout the presidential campaign, all the way to November. "So any time during that period, they could have talked about it", he said.

"The president couldn't tell you the exact day it started and the exact day it ended; he remembers it started and he remembers it ended", Giuliani said, but nothing more.

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