Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
IT | By Emmett Cole

Google Home upgrade: Your smart speaker is set for a colossal improvement

Google Home upgrade: Your smart speaker is set for a colossal improvement

Users say 'Hey Google, send my ETA, ' and Assistant will text your arrival time to any of your contacts.

In the next few days, Google will make the functionality available on Android and Apple devices, though Apple users will need to download the Google Assistant mobile app.

Interpreter Mode will be able to take on 27 languages from the get-go, and will be released across its Google Home devices and Smart Displays, the firm revealed in a press-briefing.

Additionally, Anker and JBL are building auto accessories with Google Assistant support.

In a test with United for domestic flights, Google Assistant will soon be able to check US -based travelers for their flights. The service is being tested only with United for now, but should hit other major airlines soon.

According to Bronstein, the next billion devices will come in emerging markets, more specifically on feature phones. The company will offer more information on the platform later this year.

On Tuesday, the tech giant unveiled an "interpreter mode" for Google Home Hubs at the concierge desk at Caesars Palace.

Google also debuted a $79 Assistant-equipped "smart clock" that's meant for the bedroom and can set alarms based on your calendar, as well as control all your smart home devices.

Google regularly updates its Assistant in an effort to make it smarter and more helpful. Via these external devices you give commands to control basic TV functions such as turning on/off your TV or launch apps. More importantly, the experience was good enough that Interpreter Mode actually seems like a viable way to converse with someone you wouldn't otherwise be able to communicate with - at least for everyday conversations. Like, the Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers will be getting the Assistant. With this feature, users are able to receive translations for dozens of languages and conduct conversations in real time. With this new Google Maps integration, drivers can use the Assistant to keep their hands on the wheel.

Meanwhile, for all your bedside requests, Google also showed off Lenovo's new Smart Clock which puts all of the Assistant's features in a handy $80 (£63) companion (UK pricing and availability TBA). There is no word on when either of the feature will be released for the global consumers.

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