Published: Wed, January 30, 2019
Sport | By Patty Hardy

NFL playoff 'do-over' suit in jurisdictional bog

NFL playoff 'do-over' suit in jurisdictional bog

Responding to a lawsuit which was filed Sunday in the United States District Court in the Eastern District of Louisiana, the league admitted referees did make a mistake by not throwing a pass interference flag.

New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis is not a fan of the conspiracy theories that have sprung up after the team's devastating NFC Championship loss. The Rams had their send-off rally on Sunday at their new stadium site in Inglewood, and some Saints players (not to mention Saints fans) may think it should be their team having a rally with their fans instead.

That appeared to surprise Gladstone Jones, the NFL's lawyer, who said it would be "big news" that D'Amico's clients aren't trying to stop or delay the big game.

Members of the New Orleans Saints continue to react negatively toward the NFL, and the league's officials, as the Super Bowl approaches.

D'Amico also insisted that he wasn't specifically asking for a court-ordered do-over or reversal of the game, although that could be the result if the rule is invoked.

A penalty on the play would have allowed the Saints to wind the clock almost all the way down and kick a likely game-winning field goal.

The play in question involved Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman hitting Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis early on a key third down play, preventing him from catching a ball from Drew Brees. It'll look a little odd, but it won't happen more than probably two or three times a game.

"To our knowledge, no game has ever been replayed", the NFL's statement read.

"At its essence, this suit was filed because the Plaintiffs, fans and ticket holders of an athletic event disagree with the outcome of that game", the league's lawyers stated. However, Robey-Coleman, who initially told reporters the play was definitely pass interference, said Saturday the pass was tipped, in which case pass interference would not be applicable. What the National Football League says: Game officials are human, a mistake was made, but contrary to what @ProFootballTalk says, Roger Goodell doesn't have the power to overrule the referee.

"The league says that "overruling the Referee on the field and directing that a penalty be called" is not under Goodell's discretion, and cites NFL Rules 15 and 17 among other rules".

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