Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
Science | By Celia Watts

President Bolsonaro 'wants to' move Brazil's Israel embassy to Jerusalem

President Bolsonaro 'wants to' move Brazil's Israel embassy to Jerusalem

SAO PAULO- Brazil's far-right president Jair Bolsonaro said in a TV interview on Thursday that he is open to discussing the possibility of hosting a United States military base.

Russian Federation and Venezuela had a joint training mission in the South American nation in December.

In the letter, the Chinese president says that, since China and Brazil established their relations 44 years ago, "the ties between the two countries resisted the worldwide scenarios and developed in an integrated and deep manner".

He has called for minimum retirement ages significantly lower than those proposed by his predecessor, sparking concerns among investors that he will back watered-down pension reform legislation.

"My approximation with the United States is economic, but it could also be warlike", said Bolsonaro, adding the base would be "symbolic" since American military power can reach any part of the globe.

In the interview to the SBT network Thursday night, Bolsonaro said he is anxious about Russia's closeness with Venezuela.

LGBTI people, Brazilians of African descent who practice non-Judeo-Christian religions were attacked by right-wing Bolsonaro supporters across the country during the presidential election campaign.

Azevedo met with Bolsonaro the day after Brazil's new Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo sharply rebuked globalism, saying that under his watch the country would fight for change at multilateral institutions like the WTO.

Brazil's newly inaugurated government ordered the security force officers to be sent to the state on Friday after a series of attacks on banks, public buildings and vehicles. Bolsonaro argued it was necessary for people to defend themselves.

Ceara state officials in recent days have said they would start sending prisoners to whatever jails had space, and not separate those incarcerated according to gang affiliation.

The far-right president has promised to liberalize Brazil's hidebound economy, rid the country of "socialism", quell violent drug gangs and enact conservative social measures in areas like education.

Much of that task falls to Brazilian Minister of Justice Sergio Moro, a former star judge who headed up Operation Car Wash, an investigation into Brazil's biggest-ever corruption scandal.

He told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday that their two countries now "are friends", and has aligned himself with Washington by expressing hostility to Chinese investment in Brazil, and against the "authoritarian regimes" of leftist-ruled Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

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