Published: Sat, January 19, 2019
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Princess Nokia Accuses Ariana Grande of Stealing Her Sound With '7 Rings'

Princess Nokia Accuses Ariana Grande of Stealing Her Sound With '7 Rings'

Ariana Grande released another catchy song celebrating her personal and professional accolades.

Like anything in life, love doesn't have one definition.

In an interview with Billboard, Ariana Grande said she wanted to "put out music in the way that a rapper does" - meaning, releasing songs without any of the constraints that pop stars like her are beholden to. So what exactly is Princess Nokia accusing Ariana of copying from "Mine?". The music video is similar to Destiny's Child's Charlie's Angels song Independent Woman.

It also features seven of her closest friends - Victoria Monet, Courtney Chipolone, Alexa Luria, Rim Taya Shawki, Tayla Parx and Njomza - all donning matching rings.

Watch the full music video for "7 Rings" below-but beware, it might make you feel a little insecure about the status of your checking account.

"Mine" is taken from Princess Nokia's 1992 mixtape from 2017. However, the industry's notary of artists unintentionally or intentionally borrowing from other artists does create a polarizing hierarchy where the more popular artists get more recognition, and in turn, more money. Considering the multiple breakup references, and Grande flaunting an actual new ring post-Pete Davidson split, it's more than likely "7 Rings" was written way after Princess Nokia's tape.

Now, fans believe Grande's new song has proven his point.

Ariana Grande's '7 rings' samples the world famous musical number "My Favourite Things" however there are still some fans that have never even heard of the Julie Andrew's classic.

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