Published: Sun, January 27, 2019
IT | By Emmett Cole

Rumour: Netflix Is Reportedly Working On A Resident Evil Television Series

Rumour: Netflix Is Reportedly Working On A Resident Evil Television Series

Capcom has confirmed that it's really, really serious about its tofu, especially tofu of the Resident Evil 2 variety. The action-horror genre is a grossly underutilized genre, especially on TV. I mean, did you see the trailer for that Detective Pikachu movie?

The Resident Evil 2 remake is out now, and it's filled with terrifying creatures, from zombies and plant creatures to the giant, sinister Tyrant. The video game industry has grown by leaps and bounds since then, and I think Hollywood is getting more comfortable embracing them as source material, no matter how weird they are.

Resident Evil might be coming to the small screen. You can either brute force the padlocks, or you can seek out files with said combos.

A big part of Resident Evil is knowing when and when not to engage the undead (for example: You're not going to take on a Licker with just a pistol). If you need more, check out this guide. Once you're in this room, go the chained up door and use the bolt cutters to open it up. With the remake of Resident Evil 2, players will have the choice of playing as either Leon or Claire. You'll find tons of handy items in the process, and will eventually stumble onto whichever key or puzzle solution you need to progress.

You access the Second Run mode from the main menu of the game, where you select "Story" and scroll down to the Second Run option. It has its quiet moments, but it also thrives off intense encounters.

Found in the room south of the Ease Storage Room section. If you are looking to return to Raccoon City with Claire and Leon, you can pick up the game now over on Amazon.

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