Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
IT | By Emmett Cole

Samsung unveils ‘next-generation' of Micro LED TV displays at CES 2019

Samsung unveils ‘next-generation' of Micro LED TV displays at CES 2019

The display is Samsung's QLED technology, which has much less chance of image burn-in and can produce better blacks and more colors than your typical LED display.

The move represents a concession from the U.S. company, which had previously encouraged iTunes users to buy its £179 Apple TV box as the best way to watch material purchased from its iTunes Store. At one point, Apple wanted Samsung to pay $2 billion, and the case ended up at the US Supreme Court.

Still, a deal with Samsung is even more interesting, as the giant smartphone makers have a complicated history.

Samsung's previous generation of smart TVs will also gain the features via a firmware update.

Unfortunately, while the Life's Good crew did announce support for the Apple features, that's all we've got at this point.

The inclusion of iTunes will mark the first time Apple has allowed any company to take content from its services and then present it on their own hardware.

It was a "fascinating" move, said Paolo Pescatore, an independent tech analyst.

It has announced several high-profile deals for original television content, including a forthcoming show with Oprah Winfrey, but has not yet said how it plans to distribute that content or when its service will launch.

Meanwhile, LG is also bringing AirPlay 2 to all its 2019 ThinQ AI TVs, including the company's 8K OLED and LCD, and 4K rollable OLED TVs.

Of course, with AirPlay support, iOS device owners can stream iTunes content to LG or Vizio TVs, but only Samsung will offer access to that content without needing to use at least some other Apple product. If it suits the owner you can also set the Bot Care to send a report to a loved one based on your health monitoring stats - great if you've an elderly or poorly loved one that you'd like to check in on remotely. The companies finally settled last summer for an undisclosed amount.

The Bot Air is created to sit in the home and track air quality, while the Samsung GEMS is a wearable device created to aid movement and walking for people with mobility issues.

By placing a finger on the machine's upturned face - an animated screen - Bot Care obtains its user's vital signs.

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