Published: Wed, January 16, 2019
Sport | By Patty Hardy

Tom Brady And Referee Hug Before NFL Playoff Game And Twitter Jeers

Tom Brady And Referee Hug Before NFL Playoff Game And Twitter Jeers

There is still life in the New England Patriots dynasty.

Brady guided the Patriots to a 41-28 victory over the Chargers in Sunday's AFC Divisional Round playoff game.

This year marks the Patriots' eighth consecutive year in the AFC Championship.

Here are some reasons why Brady will never win another Super Bowl, and bringing into question how successful the Patriots will be once he finally retires.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be in rare form Sunday.

The Pats made easy work of the Chargers, but against the Chiefs at Arrowhead next weekend, it will be a different story. "I mean, when I get home I'm sure my toes will be hurting, but right now there's just so much excitement going through me, I'm like a kid at Christmas morning". Sure, the Rams (8-1), Chiefs (8-1), Saints (7-1) and Patriots (7-2) had the the four best records in the National Football League at the time of his prediction, but we're not going to take anything away from Talib for going with the favorites, because sometimes, that's the smart bet. He'll give the ball to rookie Sony Michel and let him pound it down Kansas City's throat. Brady is a five-time Super Bowl champion and 14-time Pro Bowler. But he's getting older every season. That will be the case for the Chiefs next week.

Jackson County residents had first crack at buying tickets, but they had to be there in person at 9 a.m. when the ticket windows opened up.

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