Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
IT | By Emmett Cole

Apex Legends possibly coming to mobile and with cross-platform play too

Apex Legends possibly coming to mobile and with cross-platform play too

EA's new battle royale shooter Apex Legends has reached 25 million total players since its debut last week.

Something else that's likely helping grow the Titanfall 2 playerbase is its frequent discounts on Xbox One and its inclusion in the EA Access subscription service which lets subscribers play it for free.

Beginning today, February 12th, and also taking place on February 19th, those who prefer to watch the game might want to tune into the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge.

It remains to be seen if seasonal events are also launched like with other Battle Royale games.

Sadly, Wilson did not indicate when Apex Legends might make the leap to mobile.

There's a good reason why the big cheeses on Twitch are being thanked directly in the tweet, because Apex Legends streamers are a big part of how the battle royale shooter has been pushed so hard. With no real leaks or hype to speak of before launch it still managed to rack up over a million unique players in the first eight hours and went on to hit the 10 million player milestone within 72 hours.

"Apex Legends" is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC.

Yet the game's publisher, EA, had announced and released the game on the same day, a far cry from its typical tried-and-true strategy of marketing heavily through both paid media and press interviews roughly one year before any given release.

There were no specifics given on what kind of loot this will be, but fans will nonetheless be excited for it given that it's the first themed loot drop in the game's short life cycle.

So when Apex Legends took everyone by surprise, I couldn't help but think, I told you so. Furthermore, the group drop-in system gives teams a more efficient way to land in close proximity to each other; no fall damage is like a gift from the gaming gods; and respawning downed teammates gives players a second chance to get back in to the fight. However, Apex Legends has been a much more polished experience from the start.

What happens when Epic Games implements the Apex features mentioned above into Fortnite?

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