Published: Sat, February 02, 2019
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Ariana Grande teams with 2 Chainz for "7 rings" remix

Ariana Grande teams with 2 Chainz for

She added on the Instagram post: "RIP tiny charcoal grill".

Now Grande has finished her painful but "tight" tattoo, sharing a picture of the updated ink on her Instagram story and thanking her doctors.

Ariana Grande has made a correction to her Japanese tattoo after a mistranslation meant it mistakenly referenced a barbecue, but many believe the fix is still incorrect.

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old singer posted a photo of her newest tattoo, which was meant to spell out the name of her hit single "7 Rings", but as Twitter users pointed out, "七輪" actually translates in Japanese to a small charcoal grill. "And why does she hate her?" one fan tweeted in dismay.

Upon the release of the "7 Rings" remix, Grande tweeted the song's new art, proclaiming she "made a new friend" in the Atlanta-based rapper, who retweeted the sentiment.

The internet, of course, took immediate notice of the double mishap, with many roasting her for getting a tattoo in a language she doesn't read or speak and others criticizing her for using a culture not her own purely for aesthetic purposes.

But soon enough, Grande was informed that the Kanji was misspelled, and it read 'shichirin, ' a word used to refer to Japanese style barbeque!

Ariana Grande's "7 rings" is now the number one song in the country. "Miss u man. I actually really liked u". Luckily, Ari's could be fixed to the phrase that she wanted and she appears to be happy with how it looks now. A photo of the misspelled hand tattoo was still published to Grande's official Japanese Twitter account late Wednesday afternoon.

In an Instagram story posted Thursday, Grande showed a revised tattoo.

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