Published: Sat, February 09, 2019
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Australia and US seize largest ever meth shipment worth nearly $1 billion

Australia and US seize largest ever meth shipment worth nearly $1 billion

US and Australian authorities have nabbed a record meth bust at a Los Angeles port - almost 2 tons of methamphetamine ready to be shipped overseas.

Hill said the interception was carried out by agents from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, as well as Homeland Security Investigations Border Enforcement Security Task Force (HSI BEST) a branch of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

One of the containers authorities say contained close to two tons of methamphetamine and other drugs.

The drugs were hidden in metal boxes labelled as loudspeakers.

The drugs were detected by United States authorities on January 9 with 25kgs of cocaine and 5kgs of heroin also located.

It is the single largest seizure of methamphetamine heading Down Under and the largest domestic bust of the drug on U.S. soil.

Authorities said six people have been arrested in the scheme - two Americans and four Australians.

It is alleged they were involved with the US-based crime syndicate under investigation over the shipment.

The quantity could have produced more than 17 million drug deals, with an estimated street value of about $1.29 billion, police said.

Australian authorities said Friday the joint U.S.

Commissioner Hill said police believe Mexican cartels are targeting the country, but the identities of the cartels have not been disclosed.

"We have averted a tsunami of ice coming into Australia". Police said the raid in the Melbourne suburb of Woodstock in which they were arrested also found "hundreds of thousands of dollars of proceeds of crime".

Three of the people arrested will face Melbourne Magistrates Court on Friday. They've been sending smaller amounts over the years.

Police said some members of the group are Australian nationals with Vietnamese backgrounds.

None of the agencies involved has further identified the cartel.

Commissioner Bruce Hill. "By stopping this, we have ensured criminals will not profit from the enormous pain these drugs would have caused our community".

According to authorities in the Australian state of Victoria, around 2 tons of meth is consumed in the state every year.

The previous record haul of meth seized in Australia was 1.3 tons in December 2017.

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