Published: Wed, February 06, 2019
Health Care | By Terrence Lopez

Famed Instagram egg shares important message about mental health

Famed Instagram egg shares important message about mental health

On Super Bowl Sunday, a year after Kylie Jenner's birth announcement, the intention of the egg post was finally cracked with a game-time ad on Hulu.

The world record egg's Instagram account has a whopping 10 million followers with only five posts, which are photos of itself from January and February.

If you thought the recent viral Instagram photo and account dubbed World-Record Egg was just a for-fun way to say no to the Kardashian's grip on social media, think again.

"If you're struggling too, talk to someone", it continues, before the egg dons a fresh new shell once again. After it suggests talking to someone when stressed, the egg reforms without cracks and smiles.

What issues do you think the egg will take on next? That story rose in popularity earlier this month after it urged fans to double-tap an image of an egg, to beat out Kylie Jenner for the most-liked post ever on the program.

At that point, viewers were able to watch a 30-second PSA commercial featuring the egg. In the latter part of the video, users are directed to a website, that links to mental health organisations of the world. On February 1 it revealed that after the Super Bowl 53 the meaning behind the viral egg will be revealed.

The advertisement began, "Recently, I started to crack".

Shown on the streaming service Hulu, the short animation showed the egg cracking under the pressure of being famous in an advert for Mental Health America. The Instagram version of the clip links to, which lists worldwide mental health resources by country. "An egg is an egg, it's universal".

London-based advertising creative Chris Godfrey, 29, has gone on the record and identified himself as the man who created the egg with his two friends Alissa Khan-Whelan, 26, and C.J. Brown, 29.

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