Published: Wed, February 20, 2019
IT | By Emmett Cole

Free Content of Apex Legends for Twitch Prime members has been leaked

Free Content of Apex Legends for Twitch Prime members has been leaked

Over on Twitter, Blomkamp replied to one user asking whether we could see Chappie in Apex Legends. Tina went on to tag the community manager and project lead at Respawn - so watch this space - you could very well be sliding around in your very own Apex Legends Sneakers.

According to Gaming INTEL, Apex Legends will release a new character every four seasons throughout 2019, and the next addition to the roster could be Octane.

Apex Legends dataminer PlayApexLIntel has been rooting through the game's files for more tidbits on unreleased modes and more coming to Repspawn's free-to-play battle royale shooter.

Apex Legends stat tracker is beginning to pop up online as players become more invested in the booming battle royale. Which is an ideal way to get more players to the game.

Respawn Entertainment started to release preseason patches to fix some of the known issues found in Apex Legends. Basically, players will be able to revive downed players on the field, add them to their team and slowly grow an army that takes control of the entire map.

One of Respawn's main focuses is to fix bugs and combat issues that are causing game crashes.

Meanwhile ApexUpdate - News & Leaks has discovered references to solo and duos modes for the main game, which already seemed like a no-brainer for sooner or later. It looks like the rumour points to new characters by the names of Octane and Wattson, who bring a "Stim" ability and a Tesla trap to the map.

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