Published: Mon, February 04, 2019
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

'Good Chance,' Says Trump, I'll Declare National Emergency Declaration to Build Wall

'Good Chance,' Says Trump, I'll Declare National Emergency Declaration to Build Wall

"She knows that you need a barrier".

Donald Trump claimed in an interview broadcast on Sunday to have "set the table beautifully" for the next stage of his confrontation with congressional Democrats which caused the longest government shutdown in United States history.

Trump has said he has to have a wall for border security.

Declining to confirm whether he would declare a national emergency to acquire money to build the wall, he said, "I've set the table".

"President Trump's recklessness didn't make us safer, it undermined our security with 35 days of border patrol agents, Drug Enforcement Administration agents, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and Homeland Security personnel missing paychecks", said Drew Hammill, her spokesman.

"We will be looking at a national emergency, because I don't think anything is going to happen", President Trump said of talks to fund the project. "I don't like to take things off the table. When you see today what's going on, people that aren't willing to do what they have to do, and they know what they have to do, they're doing the country a tremendous disservice". The conference committee is trying to agree to compromise legislation between Democrats, Republicans and the White House in order to avoid another government shutdown after February 15.

Trump last week approved a temporary funding bill that ended a 35-day government shutdown caused by a stand-off between Democrats and the White House over funding for the wall. "The decision is ours to make", the president will say.

Pelosi has previously backed legislation to fight human trafficking and called it "an abhorrent crime". "On a political basis, what she's doing is - I actually think it's bad politics - but much more importantly it's very bad for our country".

In defending the wall, Trump recited his usual list of talking points, claiming drugs are "pouring in" and that there are "people dying all over the country because of people like Nancy Pelosi who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons".

She "doesn't mind human trafficking", Trump added, striking a deep blow at Pelosi. And the only way you have a strong border is you need a physical barrier.

"With Caravans marching through Mexico and toward our Country, Republicans must be prepared to do whatever is necessary for STRONG Border Security".

'I happen to think it's very bad politics because basically she wants open borders'.

Pelosi held firm on her stance for no border wall funding and, after the longest shutdown in American history, Trump caved and reopened the government for three weeks while negotiations on border security funding continue.

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