Published: Sat, February 09, 2019
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Jerry Nadler Clashes With Whitaker At Tense Judiciary Hearing

Jerry Nadler Clashes With Whitaker At Tense Judiciary Hearing

The testimony comes as Whitaker is likely winding down his tenure leading the Justice Department with the nearly certain confirmation of Attorney General nominee William Barr in the coming weeks.

Whitaker stunned onlookers when he told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., that his time slot had expired as Nadler asked Whitaker if he'd been "asked to approve any requests or action" for the special counsel.

Rosenstein also has tried to reassure people outside the Justice Department that irrespective of who is actually supervising the special counsel's office - whether him or Whitaker or the next likely attorney general, William Barr - the Mueller investigation would be handled "appropriately".

In his opening statement, Whitaker said that while he would address the committee's questions, he would not reveal details of his communications with the Republican president.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep.

As Whitaker noted several times during his almost six hour long hearing, he doesn't have much time left in his role. Jackson Lee had asked Whitaker whether he ever appeared before an oversight hearing or was confirmed in the Senate, and Nadler demanded he "answer the question as asked".

"Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up", Whitaker said, in a bold challenge to the head of the committee. The testimony ended with Nadler warning that the answers Whitaker gave were insufficient.

"There has been no event. that has required me to take any action, and I have not interfered in any way" with Mueller's probe, he added. He could answer the question that he didn't have a conversation, but did somebody else?

Democrats who perceive Whitaker as a Trump loyalist were expected to ask him whether he has made any commitments to the president about Mueller's Russian Federation investigation and whether he has shared with Trump any inside information.

"I don't know if your time has been restored or not", Whitaker said to laughter in the room.

Within minutes of the hearing, the top Republican, Rep. Doug Collins, called for a vote to adjourn, although he was quickly overruled by Democrats.

Whitaker: "Mr. Chairman, your five-minutes are up".

Whitaker originally said that he would not testify if Democrats in the House continue to threaten him with a subpoena, but on Thursday evening he changed his stance and agreed to take part in the questioning.

In a letter to Nadler after the vote, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd laid out a lengthy legal argument for asserting such executive privilege, saying administration officials from both parties have declined to answer questions about conversations they have had with the president.

Cohen blasted Whitaker for the DOJ's involvement in helping represent Trump in those matters, saying the president is "making personal monies" off the lease of a government building. "But, to answer your questions, I have not talked to the president about the special counsel's investigation".

"We had the show yesterday", Collins said.

Collins, however, believes the fiasco is simply House Democrats' way of holding their own confirmation hearing for Whitaker and told them they should have run for Senate instead if that's what they're interested in doing.

Whitaker, in his opening remarks, said he hasn't given the White House any assurances about Mueller's probe, and the White House has not asked him to do so.

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