Published: Thu, February 28, 2019
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Labour to push for second Brexit referendum after meaningful vote - John McDonnell

Labour to push for second Brexit referendum after meaningful vote - John McDonnell

The shift appears to have been prompted by the defection of nine Labour MPs last week, many of whom cited Corbyn's ambiguous Brexit stance as a reason. But given parliament looks set to extend Article 50, there'll be further opportunities to secure support for Labour's alternative Brexit deal.

According to party spokesman, Corbyn said in a meeting to his Labor Party lawmakers, "We are committed to also putting forward or supporting an amendment in favor of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory (Conservative) Brexit being forced on the country".

Its defeat has been interpreted by some as the start of Labour turning to focus on backing another European Union referendum, but senior figures have made clear that the party will also continue to campaign for its alternative Brexit plan.

But is it actually really behind a.

Brandon Lewis, Chairman of May's Conservatives, said another popular vote would "take us back to square one" and Labour had gone back on its promise to respect the 2016 referendum result.

May is calculating that the prospect of a delay may persuade pro-Brexit lawmakers to support her deal despite their reservations.

MPs are debating Theresa May's Brexit stance in the wake of the British prime minister accepting for the first time that the United Kingdom may not leave the European Union on March 29. The nine other DUP MPs abstained from the vote.

Remember though, there are dozens of Labour MPs who just don't believe another referendum is the right thing to do.

It came after a Government paper revealed that nearly a third of the Government's most critical no-deal Brexit preparation projects are not on track for completion in time for the scheduled date of European Union withdrawal on March 29.

The amendment on a public vote may not come at this week's vote in parliament however.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer tweeted: "Labour will put forward or support an amendment in favour of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit".

"There's no turning back for Jeremy now", Kyle said. "I think it's going to be deeply divisive", lawmaker Stephen Kinnock said.

"Speaking objectively, we don't need more time, we need a decision", Barnier said, adding that he remained determined to work towards securing an exit deal.

In contrast to his fellow Labour MPs, David Lammy insisted that the campaign must go away from "very urbane, good-looking men in suits" while backing Mr Lineker.

"We are not complacent, but we are closer tonight to a People's Vote than we have ever been".

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