Published: Mon, February 11, 2019
Sport | By Patty Hardy

Major League Baseball considering universal DH, lower mound, roster expansion in talks

Major League Baseball considering universal DH, lower mound, roster expansion in talks

Major League Baseball wants pitch clocks and further restrictions on mound visits without pitching changes.

"It's important to have dialogue to make the game as compelling as possible for the fans, " San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer said. "And I hope we can focus on some of the issues that need to get resolved quickly in the interim".

He continued: "I think historically some of our biggest stars (are) starting pitchers and we want to make sure those big stars are out there long enough that that they are marketed".

Jeff Pfeifer, MLB's senior director of league economics and operations, notified clubs of the name change in a memo written in December.

Despite changing what the list will be called, there will be no changes to how the list formerly known as the disabled list, will be conducted.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said Friday the DH rule will not be expanded to the NL in 2019, and while that request by the MLBPA was a long shot to implement this season, a couple of proposed rule changes are still under consideration.

"In recent years, the commissioner has received several inquiries regarding the name of the "Disabled List, '" Pfeifer wrote".

The major leagues have had disabled lists of 10 and 60 days, plus a seven-day list only for players with concussions.

Major League Baseball has no plans to adopt a universal DH before the 2022 season, two officials with direct knowledge of the decision, told USA TODAY Sports after the completion of their owners' meetings in Orlando, Fla.

ESPN said the change, which is effective immediately, came at the urging of disability advocacy groups.

Among them, according to an ESPN report, is a universal designated hitter; a three-batter minimum for pitchers; one trade deadline before the All-Star break; a 20-second pitch clock; and expanding rosters to 26 with a 12-pitchers maximum.

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