Published: Sat, February 02, 2019
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Nintendo Switch Mini Coming in 2019?

Nintendo Switch Mini Coming in 2019?

There is great potential for Dr. Mario World to be a revitalized rendition of the original game, but Nintendo will need to be sure that in-app purchases do not ruin any of the original grandeur.

Nintendo didn't share any further details on how it will expand NSO, but during the briefing, the company teased that it is working on an unannounced Switch game that is "suitable" for the service (via Siliconera), presumably meaning it will emphasize online play.

If a new mini version of the Switch were to be released what would you like to see that differs from the current version?

Nintendo Delays Mario Kart Tour to Later in 2019

Nintendo has announced that it's bringing its Dr. Mario franchise to Android and iOS in a partnership with LINE Corporation, a Tokyo-based developer of mobile games.

"Under this collaboration, we plan to release Dr. Mario World in early summer 2019 for the global market, including Japan and the United States", said Nintendo President Shuntaro Furakawa in a prepared statement. They said Nintendo hasn't fully taken advantage of that to get people to buy the Switch, a hybrid game machine that works both as a console and a tablet that went on sale two years ago. Furthermore, it will feature multiple languages which include English and Japanese. The latest of these, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure, hit the 3DS in 2015.

These are still just reports at this stage, but the story is certainly firming up from more and more business-minded sources who are regularly privy to insider info before the company spills the beans.

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