Published: Sat, February 23, 2019
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Tempers Flare as Lawmakers in Venezuela Convoy Clash With Troops at Roadblock

Tempers Flare as Lawmakers in Venezuela Convoy Clash With Troops at Roadblock

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro ordered the vast border with Brazil to be closed on Thursday just days before opposition leaders plan to bring in foreign humanitarian aid.

Branson, who will host "Venezuela Aid Live" on Friday in the Colombian border town of Cucuta, said he is aiming to raise about $100 million to buy food and medicine, essential supplies for the country, which is gripped by a political and humanitarian crisis.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said he was considering closing the frontier with Colombia, and will completely close the land border with Brazil from tonight on.

(AP) Opposition leaders led by Juan Guaido are vowing to bring in United States supplies of emergency food and medicine to dramatise the country's hardships under Mr Maduro, who has said the country doesn't need such help. Guaido has left Caracas with some 80 MPs to go on a 800-km journey to the Colombian border, where they hope to receive food and medicine to alleviate shortages.

Several protests have broken out in the streets of the country since the crisis, calling on Maduro to let the humanitarian aid shipments into the economically crippled country.

Tons of aid sent by the US and Colombian governments to alleviate shortages is sitting in warehouses on the Colombian side of the border. Maduro's regime on Saturday when an opposition convoy will attempt to bring aid into Venezuela through the border with Colombia. Mr.

Venezuelans leaving their country through the Simon Bolivar worldwide bridge in San Antonio del Tachira, Venezuela, on the border with Colombia, on February 21, 2019. At the tunnel's exit, lawmakers scuffled with soldiers wearing riot gear, TV footage showed. It had earlier said it would assit aid efforts.

Guaido still has not provided details on how the aid will come in.

Aid collection points have been set up in the Brazilian border state of Roraima, the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao and at a border crossing near Cucuta on the Colombian border.

The concert area will open to the public at 5 a.m., as organizers expect about 250,000 people. Arrested briefly on a USA drug warrant in 2014 while serving as consul general in Aruba, Carvajal broke with the government in 2017 over Maduro's plans to create a constitutional assembly to gut what was left of the opposition-controlled congress.

"They are committing an worldwide crime because they are endorsing a military invasion", Maduro said of the US, speaking Thursday on state TV flanked by his top military commanders.

Earlier on Thursday Guaido said he will personally go to the border with Colombia to get the shipment from the U.S., urging drivers to go with him and defy the border guards ordered to prevent the delivery.

Maduro retains the support of Russian Federation and China and control of Venezuelan state institutions, including the security services.

"You carry on your shoulders the weight of an army that gave liberty to people in more than five countries", he said, referring to the Venezuelan-born Simon Bolivar's role as the father of South American independence from Spain.

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