Published: Wed, February 06, 2019
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Things to Watch For at the State of the Union

Things to Watch For at the State of the Union

An 11-year-old boy who has been bullied because of his last name - Trump - will be one of the special guests at this year's State of the Union speech in the United States. Trump is giving his State of the Union as the threat of another government shutdown over the wall looms. The only question about the president's state of the union - how often will he distort? "Only since Donald Trump became president, they decide to oppose it".

If last year's State of the Union is any indication, tonight's bipartisan tone is likely to be short-lived: by this weekend, we'll probably be rehashing old arguments about whether or not Trump was right to call Democrats who weren't receptive to his applause lines treasonous.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway told reporters February 4 that the president had the "absolute right to declare a national emergency".

Also on the official guest list is Joshua Trump, a sixth-grader from Wilmington, Del.

Other guests will represent Mr Trump's opposition to illegal immigration, his push to halt human trafficking across the US-Mexico border, efforts to stem the deadly opioid addiction epidemic and his economic policies.

A source close to Mr Trump said the president is not expected to take that step, which likely would draw a swift court challenge from Democrats. The harassment, they said, was so relentless they homeschooled Joshua for a year.

Stacey Abrams, an increasingly popular Democrat and former gubernatorial candidate, will deliver the Democrats' response to Trump's speech.

That prompted Pelosi to send another letter to the president, this time more forceful in her language. The state of Trump healthcare: failing American families.

The speech was postponed from last Tuesday because of the partial government shutdown.

It's safe to bet that Democrats seated opposite her place behind Trump will be looking to her for cues for their reactions, as well.

"Transgender service members like Lieutenant Commander Dremann make extraordinary sacrifices every day to defend our freedom and our most sacred values, and President Trump's decision to ban them from military service is cruel and undermines our military readiness", she said in a statement.

The high likelihood that the speech will simply retread the main themes of the Trump administration - brown people are coming to kill you and Trump is entitled to obeisance - has made it tough for the White House to drum up much public or media interest in the speech.

The White House says President Donald Trump is keeping a busy schedule before he goes to the Capitol to deliver the State of the Union address.

Trump has said in recent days that negotiations are a "waste of time" because Democrats don't support wall funding, and he said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS that another government shutdown or declaring a national emergency remain viable options.

This year's address comes at a fraught moment for President Trump, who is trying to navigate what friend and foe alike agree is likely his final opportunity to deliver on a central campaign promise: a big, attractive wall on the U.S. -Mexico border paid for by Mexico.

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