Published: Sun, February 03, 2019
IT | By Emmett Cole

Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei: Everything We Know On Their Foldable Devices

Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei: Everything We Know On Their Foldable Devices

Samsung is expected to unveil this foldable smartphone on February 20 alongside the Galaxy S10, but, thanks to a teaser video, we are now getting an early look at Samsung's foldable smartphone.

Huawei has used Twitter to tease what it will have coming at Mobile World Congress only days later, and all signs point to a foldable phone.

While it looks cool, the shape of the hinge may augur that it won't fold flat. Soon after that, a report emerged that the Chines-smartphone aims to one-up Korean smartphone company Samsung. Moreover in its folded state, games could possibly be playable in the smaller display area as well, to keep the device compact and more ergonomic.

According to news sources LG and Huawei are prime highlights, the brands plans to introduce their unique foldable 5G smartphone models. We are no sure the final design will be exactly like this one. The company's event is scheduled to take place on 24th February, so be sure to stick around for it.

Huawei is the latest company suspected to announce a foldable phone during Mobile World Congress at the end of February. Are you ready to reveal the unprecedented? Speaking of Samsung, while its own original folding phone is still not more publicized, the only competition Xiaomi has on the foldable screen frenzy is Royole and its FlexPai phone-tablet. Before then, Huawei's rival Samsung was also rumoured to be working on a foldable phone.

Huawei's patent FIG. 6 below is a schematic exploded view of a foldable mechanism in a bent state; FIG. 8 is a schematic status diagram of a foldable mechanism in a bending process.

Among the new mobiles expected is a foldable phone, and though we've seen bits and pieces of it previously, we now have a working demonstration in an upcoming marketing video. Featuring the tagline "Connecting the Future", the image shows the close up of a foldable phone.

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