Published: Thu, March 07, 2019
IT | By Emmett Cole

Anthem is Reportedly Crashing PlayStation 4 Consoles

Anthem is Reportedly Crashing PlayStation 4 Consoles

As reported by Kotaku, players are posting their experiences across Reddit, Twitter, and the official Anthem forum, detailing a problem in which their PS4s completely and unexpectedly shut down while trying to play or close out of BioWare's online RPG.

Dozens of Anthem players say the game is crashing their PS4 consoles in various ways, preventing normal startup and in rare instances actually breaking their systems.

In the meantime, Sony is reportedly offering refunds to some "Anthem" players who bought the game digitally through Sony's PlayStation Store. Many big game releases come with numerous bugs that still need to be ironed out with patches, but Anthem's critical bug is hard-crashing consoles.

Let's hope Bioware roll out a fix soon, otherwise Anthem's notorious reputation is going to suffer another hit.

Sony Support even advised players to just stop playing the game. The combat is stellar, I love the characters and while the story is definitely macho bromance with just the four guys in the party, it's a touching one of true friendship between these four dudes.

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In a post on EA's website, the publisher said that it is now looking into problems with Anthem on PS4 but has yet to be able to determine the root cause.

Anthem is out now for PS4, Xbox and PC. Some of those commenting on the Anthem subreddit have claimed to have received a refund from Sony, whereas others seem to have been less fortunate when communicating their grave concerns to the PS4 manufacturer. One user report described it as if they had pulled the plug of the console from an electrical outlet. As always, dealing with customer service is a crapshoot - whether or not you'll get an Anthem refund will depend on the particular agent.

Currently, PS4 representatives are not looking for any specific reports or rationale behind a requested Anthem refund. "We're investigating and ask that you share your crash data reports when prompted".

When it comes to refund policies, Sony has one of the strictest refund policies out there.

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