Published: Wed, March 13, 2019
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BIGBANG's Seungri offers to retire amid snowballing allegations

BIGBANG's Seungri offers to retire amid snowballing allegations

Prostitution is illegal in South Korea, and the charges against Seungri carry a prison sentence of up to three years.

The 28-year-old denies the allegations, but says he has retired from entertainment as the scandal has gotten too big for both his band and his record label, YG Entertainment.

On Feb. 27, police questioned Seungri over the allegations.

According to YTN, a source from YG revealed, "Seungri's retirement announcement was not a decision made after consulting with YG, but a decision made on his own".

"For the past 11/2 months, I have been denounced by the public, every investigation agency is probing me and I have been accused as a traitor".

Seungri, who was once described as "the Great Gatsby of Korea" for his lavish lifestyle, has a enormous fanbase - but some had called for him to leave Big Bang as the scandal swept the country.

'As I've been branded as a "national traitor", I can not stand the fact that I'm harming others for my own sake, ' he added.

Many fans have already turned their backs on him and signed a petition last week urging Seungri's expulsion from BIGBANG, saying he had caused "unrecoverable damage to the group's reputation".

He was also tagged in the investigation on Burning Sun for drug abuse and sexual abuse.

Via the statement, Seungri thanked the fans who supported him during his 10-year music career, adding that he was retiring to protect the honor of his agency YG and his group Big Bang.

Seungri's retirement post has been "liked" more than 810,000 times and commented on 210,000 times on Instagram.

There is no suggestion whatsoever that Seungri was involved with the alleged wrongdoing.

In the meantime, the military has said that Seungri's enlistment will not be postponed and he can continue to cooperate with the investigation during his service.

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