Published: Fri, March 15, 2019
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

Donald Trump responds to those Melania Trump body double rumours

Donald Trump responds to those Melania Trump body double rumours

"They are only getting more deranged with time!" tweeted the President.

Donald Trump has said a conspiracy theory alleging Melania Trump sometimes uses a body double during outings with him has been concocted by journalists doctoring images.

Commentators on "The View" noted that the woman with Trump last week looked shorter than the president in photos.

In fact, the 5-foot-11 first lady had ditched her customary stilettos for sneakers to walk around the rough terrain with the 6-foot-3 Trump. "Instead, they go after her", Trump said Monday.

The president reflected in the interview on his trip with the first lady to Alabama to visit victims and pay respects to the 23 who died in the tornado. "We went to pay our respects; it was a terrible thing".

As Snopes wrote in 2017, one of the more widely circulated images looks different because it was filmed while it aired on TV.

Grisham also tweeted about the show, calling it "shameful".

Co-host Ana Navarro said that "political reality is so absurd, you would nearly believe anything". One host allowed that the first lady might have been wearing flat shoes. Hosts of the ABC program debated whether an impostor had traveled with Trump.

Fox News's "Fox & Friends" show slammed ABC's "The View" for a resurfacing conspiracy theory that Melania Trump has a body double.

"I've always found it sad that a group of women spend so much time attacking another woman, whose only goal is to help children", Stephanie Grisham told USA Today in an email. "Yesterday's show went beyond the petty, mean-girl spirit that we've grown accustomed to".

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