Published: Tue, March 05, 2019
World Media | By Cesar Oliver

McConnell Acknowledges Resolution Blocking Emergency Order Will Pass Senate

McConnell Acknowledges Resolution Blocking Emergency Order Will Pass Senate

Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey says the White House can find the $5.7 billion the president is seeking for construction along the southern border without shifting money that would require a national emergency declaration.

"I can't vote to give extraconstitutional powers to the President", the Kentucky Republican said Saturday, according to the Bowling Green Daily News. "If we take away those checks and balances, it's a risky thing".

The libertarian-leaning lawmaker joins GOP Sens.

Thirteen Republicans in the House joined Democrats last week to pass a resolution to block Trump's emergency declaration. The emergency declaration seeks to redirect about $3.6 billion in defense funding already appropriated by Congress to the border wall project.

"I can't vote to give extra-Constitutional powers to the president", said Paul.

McConnell told reporters Monday that the assurance came from Trump. "However, I can not support the use of emergency powers to get more funding, so I will be voting to disapprove of his declaration when it comes before the Senate".

A resolution that would terminate Trump's declaration was passed in the House on February 26 by a vote of 245-182 and with Paul's vote and several other Republican defections, could pass in the Senate. He has promised to veto it. Congress is unlikely to have the votes to override that. This means the disapproval resolution will likely pass in the Senate as well.

Border wall prototypes stand in San Diego near the Mexico-U.S. border, seen from Tijuana, Mexico.

For Paul, supporting Trump's declaration while opposing former President Barack Obama's sweeping executive orders would be a capitulation leading to the loss of his "political soul", he explained in an op-ed for Fox News.

"Congress clearly expressed its will not to spend more than $1.3 billion and to restrict how much of that money could go to barriers".

While a veto by Trump would be on track to be sustained, the legality of Trump's action will also be fought out in the courts.

With Senator Rand Paul this weekend becoming the fourth Republican on board, the resolution of disapproval is now likely to be sent to Trump's desk, forcing the president into the tricky position of vetoing the measure and acting in clear opposition to Congress. I supported his fight to get funding for the wall from Republicans and Democrats alike, and I share his view that we need more and better border security. "I really think that Republicans that vote against border security and the wall, I think you know, I've been okay at predicting things, I think they put themselves at great jeopardy".

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