Published: Sun, March 17, 2019
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New Zealand terror attack

New Zealand terror attack

"Just around the entrance door there were elderly people sitting there praying and he just started shooting at them", Mazharuddin told Sky. Mr Bush said the woman had been released without charge. Another 18 year-old man arrested in a vehicle had been charged with firearm offences unrelated to the terrorist attack.

Two other armed suspects were taken into custody Friday while police tried to determine what role, if any, they played in the cold-blooded attack that stunned New Zealand, a country so peaceful that police officers rarely carry guns.

A suspect in the mass shootings at two New Zealand mosques on Friday appeared in court on Saturday and was charged with murder.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said the body of the 50th victim was found at the Al Noor mosque, where more than 40 people died after a gunman entered and shot randomly at people with a semi-automatic rifle with high-capacity magazines, before travelling to a second mosque to do the same.

"We appear to primarily be dealing with one primary perpetrator, but we want to make sure that we don't take anything for granted in ensuring New Zealanders' safety", Prime Minister Ardern said.

"It's hard to be conclusive, but my understanding is that even those that were killed outside that mosque were visiting the mosque".

Police officials said they understand the religious duty of the Islamic faith to bury the deceased as soon as possible and are "working closely with the Chief Coroner to do everything possible to expedite the process". His father John Milne said his death had not been officially confirmed but he had been told the teenager had been seen lying on the floor of the mosque, bleeding. The kind of leader we need here in America. "So we are doing that as quickly and as sensitively as possible". However, families have not been given any indication from police as to when bodies will be released to them, and their unease is mounting.

One person died in Christchurch hospital last night and staff are treating 42 patients, ranging from young children to adults, with gunshot wounds.

Australian Man Appears In Court On Murder Charge After Christchurch Attack

The New Zealand premier was showered with enormous praises internationally for the gesture, which made it clear that New Zealand stood by the Muslim community that was the centre of Friday's horrifying terror attacks rooted in racial as well as religious hatred. "Mosques are welcome to open their doors if they choose to do so".

The 28-year old accused terrorist will remain in custody until April 5, a court in New Zealand decided on Saturday.

"There is one charge of murder brought at the moment, it is reasonable to assume that there will be others", the presiding judge noted.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said many of those "directly affected by this shooting may have been migrants to New Zealand" or even refugees. "It was his intention to continue his attack", the prime minister said.

He said the Fijian people stood with their Pacific family in this time of suffering and sadness, and we condemn all forms of hatred and terror.

Prior to the shooting, Tarrant had no previous criminal record in either Australia or New Zealand and "was not known to authorities in connection with far-right violence", according to Ardern.

Ardern, meanwhile, also vowed New Zealand would be changing its gun laws, after it was discovered Tarrant was licensed and had five guns, some modified.

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