Published: Sun, March 10, 2019
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Raiders RB Jalen Richard Recruits Antonio Brown After Bills Trade Drama

Raiders RB Jalen Richard Recruits Antonio Brown After Bills Trade Drama

So what happened? According to Rapoport, the Bills had "intense talks" and nearly finalized a trade with the Steelers, but Brown would not commit to showing up in Buffalo if he was dealt there.

The Buffalo Bills made a decision to halt their pursuit of a trade for disgruntled Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown Friday after general manager Brandon Beane revealed the two sides had been talking for a few days. Really, would it be such a bad thing to keep Antonio Brown in the Steel City for a little while longer? Either they acquire a future Hall of Fame receiver (coming off a 15-touchdown season) at a discount or they keep all four of their draft picks in the top 35 this April and build a competitive roster slowly and surely.

With suitors seemingly dropping out left and right, it could be tough for the Steelers to move Brown before their self-imposed Friday afternoon deadline. It also seems that there may be a reason why things didn't come together with the Raiders.

While there has been no official report yet on the supposed deal to send Brown to the Bay Area, Dan Fetes of WROC reported last night that Oakland had offered a second and a fourth round pick for Brown's services.

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Buffalo got cold feet once word started to reach the Brown camp that a deal was getting close and the Bills were not willing to negotiate a new contract for Brown, at least not immediately. He stated that the trio of teams had jumped "to the forefront" of talks with the Steelers.

Brown, 30, is reportedly interested in doing a contract extension once he's traded, though we'll see if that happens in Buffalo.

It's unknown how the Raiders will approach the situation at this point, but Brown's potential unwillingness to report to Buffalo could impact trade offers. The Steelers' All-Pro wide receiver appears to have gotten one.

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